What To Eat During Pregnancy? 6 Surprising Pregnancy Snacks for Healthy Journey!


What to eat during pregnancy? What to eat as a pregnant woman? What are some of the healthiest snacks for the pregnancy trimester? Etc. are some of the questions that almost every soon to be mom asks for herself, and does this create any confusion among you mommies to be? Yes?

You’re absolutely right! With so much information available, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when deciding what to eat during pregnancy. But worry not, mama! This blog is here to suggest some healthy snacking options in the pregnancy trimester.

These snacks are the perfect answer for what to eat during pregnancy? And pregnancy cravings.

Why to eat healthy food for pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body is working hard, it goes through remarkable transformations to create and sustain new life and to nourish both you and your developing baby.

The developing baby needs a constant supply of nutrients to grow strong and healthy. Your body works overtime to absorb nutrients from your food and convert them into a usable form for your baby. These nutrients are carried by the blood to your baby, so it also becomes important to increase the blood volume in the body, which ensures a healthy environment for your baby to thrive.

The hormones signal your body to store fat for later use, adjust digestion for nutrient absorption, and even prepare your breasts for milk production. All these hormonal changes require extra energy. Also, as your baby grows, your body and muscles start to make adjustments, preparing for the coming phases by stretching muscles and ligaments, supporting your growing uterus, and preparing for childbirth. All this physical activity requires a significant amount of energy.

To cover all these activities, it is important to eat healthy food for pregnancy throughout your entire pregnancy trimester.


Also, prenatal care must have foods and pregnancy snacks that contain building blocks like proteins for tissues, fats for brain development, folic acid for preventing birth defects, calcium for building strong bones and teeth for both you and your baby, and carbohydrates for energy.

In the coming section of our blog, we will learn about what to eat during pregnancy that can provide you with healthy and essential nutrients without compromising on the deliciousness of healthy pregnancy snacks. What are the health benefits of eating pregnancy ladoo by Equisential? What are the different varieties of these pregnancy snacks, etc.?

What to eat during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with excitement and anticipation. As an expectant mother, taking care of your health and nutrition becomes paramount not only for your own well-being but also for the healthy development of your baby. What you eat during pregnancy plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and healthy journey to motherhood.

Now there are a lot of options available when you search for what to eat as a pregnant woman, what to eat during pregnancy, or what healthy pregnancy snacks are available for pregnancy trimesters. But what can be better than traditional Indian snacks that are almost suggested by every grandma and mother in Indian households? Yes, we are talking about none other than laddus.

What to eat during pregnancy?

The pregnancy ladoo by Equisential are a perfect healthy treat for expectant mothers. These healthy pregnancy snacks by Equisential is a balanced nutritional snack for expectant mothers that they can eat during pregnancy. These snacks are rich in folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acid, proteins, dietary fibre etc.

Now lets’ discover the various healthy pregnancy snacks for mommies to be.

To Be Mom’s Laddu by Equisential

To Be Mom’s Laddu by Equisential are specially curated for expectant mothers. These laddus are delicious, nutritious and are best food for pregnancy. Each pregnancy trimester comes with its own challenges and requirements. Equisential have laddus for your complete pregnancy trimester which you can enjoy as a healthy snacking option. Now, let us find out what to eat during pregnancy?


A) What to eat during pregnancy’s First Trimester?

First trimester of pregnancy is an important and crucial trimester of pregnancy as during this trimester you have to be more cautious about the food choices you make. Equisential have two options available for your 1st trimester of pregnancy. These are:

1. To Be Mom’s Ragi Laddu :

Ragi which is also known as Finger Millet is a super millet. Ragi is a common part of diet in southern part of India. Also, ragi is one of the richest source of plant based calcium and iron. Being a clean source of nutrients it is safe to consume ragi during 1st trimester of pregnancy. The combination of ragi with dates benefits in having stronger bones and joints of the mother and also helps in improving the blood volume which carries most of the nutrients to the foetus.

2. To Be Mom’s Coconut Laddu :

Coconut is rich in manganese, iron and copper and is a rich source of dietary fibre and healthy fats. The combination of coconut with dates & cashew paste may aid in lactation post childbirth and improves the haemoglobin levels too.

B) What to eat during pregnancy’s Second Trimester?

As the baby starts to grow a bit further in 2nd trimester of pregnancy, the requirements of the baby in terms of nutrients also increases. The organs and systems of the baby are developed and starts to increase in size and weight.

During Second trimester your appetite may increase as your body is working harder to support the nutrition requirement during this trimester.

The healthy pregnancy snacking option for 2nd trimester of pregnancy are:

1. To Be Mom’s Dry Fruit Laddu :

These laddu derive healthy nutrients from nuts, dried fruits and dates. This combination is rich in iron, phosphorus, copper, carbohydrates, dietary fibre etc. that replenish blood cells and enhance haemoglobin levels, serve as a robust energy booster, promotes optimal gut health and ensures a sense of well-being across 2nd pregnancy trimester. When you have a question of what to eat during pregnancy, you can rely on Equisential’s TBM Dry Fruit Laddu.

2. To Be Mom’s Multigrain Laddu :

These laddus comes with the essence of 10 super healthy grains and millets. The combination of such grains and millets boasts multiple vitamins and minerals that are considered as essential for pregnancy trimesters. Folic acid, iron, vitamin B complexes, protein, etc are essential to support maternal health. These laddus benefit in having a better immune system, supports the brain and spinal cord development of the baby, improves the count of red blood cells and ensures optimal well being for both mother and baby.

3. To Be Mom’s Chocolate Hazelnut Laddu :

This irresistible treat combines nutrient-rich hazelnuts, dates, and cacao powder, providing a guilt-free indulgence for expectant mothers. It is a perfect healthier alternative for your chocolate cravings during pregnancy trimesters. These laddus are a rich of vitamin A, B group, C, and E, as well as minerals including phosphorus, calcium, and iron, fostering maternal health and well-being throughout pregnancy. Also, the amino acid present in hazelnut helps in the growth and development of the baby, ensuring optimal nourishment for your little one.

4. To Be Mom’s Trail Mix :

This a perfect healthy pregnancy snack for expectant mothers who are seeking an answer to what to eat during pregnancy? It is a crunchy, nutritious, and utterly delicious snack option. It is a blend of dry-roasted seeds, along with an assortment of four dried fruits and nuts, delivering a powerhouse of nutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy journey. Being rich in folic acid, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, play a pivotal role in promoting the neural development of the baby, ensuring optimal growth and well-being.

You can also eat 1st trimester pregnancy laddu in your 2nd trimester of pregnancy too.

C) What to eat during pregnancy’s Third Trimester?

During the third trimester of pregnancy, the growth of the baby continues and the question of what to eat during pregnancy’s final trimester continues. The baby will gain more weight, eyes will open, it will start stretching, you may experience kicks in your belly, etc. The food choices made during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy do help in the final development of the baby inside the belly.

All the above mentioned laddus for 1st trimester pregnancy and 2nd trimester pregnancy can be consumed in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy too. An expect mother in her final trimester of pregnancy, depending on her choice of taste preference and depending on her pregnancy cravings, can choose from 6 healthy snacks to support a happy pregnancy.


In conclusion, the journey of pregnancy is filled with questions and uncertainties, especially regarding what to eat during pregnancy to ensure both the mother’s and baby’s health. As you navigate the wonderful world of pregnancy, one thing remains constant: the need for a healthy and balanced diet that fuels both you and your growing baby.

The blog emphasizes the importance of incorporating nutrient-rich foods that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients crucial for pregnancy and tries to answer what to eat as pregnant woman.

We hope we were able to answer your question about what to eat during pregnancy? By highlighting the traditional Indian snack, laddu, as a wholesome and nutritious option. The Equisential’s Pregnancy Laddu range, specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of expectant mothers. With variants catering to each trimester, these laddus offer a delicious and convenient way to ensure optimal nourishment throughout the pregnancy journey.


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