Once a Mother brings A New Life in the World 🤱 it is important that She Receives the Best Nutrition and Best Post Pregnancy Care benefitting herself and her baby. In this regard a Proper Diet for Postnatal Mother is a must.

A well curated Proper Diet for Postnatal Mother will Help in Omitting the Fear of Missing-Out of Essential Nutrients after Bringing a New Life in the World.

Motherhood Foods needs to be full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, proteins etc. In other words, Motherhood Foods need to be a storehouse of lot of minerals & vitamins. By keeping this in mind, Equisential has curated Special Motherhood Foods in the form of Post Postpartum Laddus for a Well-Balanced Post Pregnancy Care.

Equisential’s Post Natal Diet Laddu Packs are a perfect example of Motherhood Foods 🤱 for Post Pregnancy Care. Consuming our Laddus as a Post Natal Diet will Fulfil your Daily Essential Nutrition Needs. With these Laddus as a regular Diet for Postnatal Mother, you’ll be able to Recover your Lost Strength, Recover the Lost Energy, Improve the Flow of Milk and Improve Your Overall Immunity.

Eating Right can Go a Long Way in Helping You Get Back Your Strength and Energy. After all, Your Baby needs a Strong and Healthy Mum 💪🙂

Try our Post Natal Diet Pack today and feel the difference.

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Post Natal Diet – 3 Healthy Laddu Box Trial Pack

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Post Natal Diet – 6 Must have Laddu Pack

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