Hey Mama! 🤰 Are You 👆 Wondering What to Eat During Your Pregnancy Trimester 🤔 or Are You Wondering What is the healthy food to eat in pregnancy? Or Are You Not Sure What is the Healthy Food for Pregnancy? Well, it should be Full of Essential Nutrients & You 👆Should Not Miss Out on Essential Nutrients in this Wonderful Phase of Your Life😇

Your Diet Should Include a Good Source of Calcium, Iron, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and Dietary Fibre so that Your Baby 👶 can have Proper Growth & Development and be Full of Energy. Imagine getting all these Nutrition in your Pregnancy by just consuming Pregnancy Ladoo by Equisential.

Because Equisential Believes Childbirth is Beautiful and There is No Greater Joy in Hearing & Listening to the Giggles of Your BABY 👶!!!

Equisential brings Tasty Pregnancy Ladoo for To Be Moms as a Healthy Food for Pregnant Women. Equisential’s To Be Mom’s Pregnancy Ladoo are specially curated as Best Food for Pregnancy that can be consumed in your first trimester of pregnancy, second trimester of pregnancy and third trimester pregnancy which is the final trimester of pregnancy. Our Pregnancy Laddu will benefit you by providing essential nutrients that you require in pregnancy trimester.

⭐️ Our Pregnancy Laddus are Based on Proven Ayurvedic Formulas and old-age traditional nuskhas of our Lovely Dadi’s & Nani’s 👵🏼 So, whenever you think of what to eat as a pregnant woman? You can always consider consuming our Laddus as the Best Food to Eat in Pregnancy ⭐️

⚠️ Important – Our To Be Mom’s Laddu are strictly for Pregnancy Trimester (Pregnancy Term) and are one of the Best Healthy Food for Pregnancy 🤰

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To Be Mom's Laddu - Delicious Goodness for Mom to Be

Welcome to Equisential's special collection of Pregnancy Ladoo for Soon Mom To Be. These special handcrafted laddus are made specifically just for mommies to be like you! These ladoo for pregnancy are not just tasty treats; they're a blend of goodness that's perfect for your exciting journey into motherhood.

Each bite of these pregnancy snacks is a composition of natural ingredients and natural sweetness. We have carefully blended nature’s finest treasures like juicy dates, crunchy nuts, healthy dry fruits, iron rich organic jaggery, and lots of sunshine flavours to create a masterpiece of taste and well being for your pregnancy trimesters.

Our pregnancy laddu snacks for pregnant women are definitely a delicious bite for nourishing the body of an expectant mother and tiny treasure taking shape inside her body.

Our ladoo for pregnancy can be considered as one of the best options while looking for healthy food for pregnancy.

The list of food for pregnant woman by Equisential have 6 delicious pregnancy treat which are few of the best snacks during pregnancy. These ladoo for pregnancy trimesters are nutritious food for pregnant ladies that may help in achieving healthy pregnancy.

So mommies to be, get your To Be Mom Laddu, pregnancy ladoo online from Equisential and start consuming healthy and best food for pregnancy today to nourish yourself and the little magic developing inside.

Why Choose To Be Mom Laddu by Equisential?

Being pregnant is a unique time, and we understand that what you eat matters. That's why we created To Be Mom's Laddu. Our Laddu for Mom To Be is packed with iron, protein, and essential vitamins to fight anemia, boost immunity, and combat morning sickness.

A yummy and healthy snack crafted with care for both you and your baby’s healthy development. Choose health, choose To Be Moms Laddu!

Different Laddus for Every Stage:

Best Laddu for All Pregnancy Trimesters

To Be Mom’s Laddu – Ragi (All Trimester):

Gluten-free and rich in iron, calcium and folic acid, our Ragi Laddu is a superfood during pregnancy. It relaxes the body, boosts calcium intake, improves red blood cells count and ensures overall well-being for both the mother and the baby.

To Be Mom’s Laddu – Coconut (All Trimester):

Embrace the superfood benefits of coconut during your pregnancy. From aiding in proper growth and development to boosting breast milk production, our Coconut Laddu is a nutritious addition to your diet as a delicious ladoo for pregnancy.

The above two laddu snacks for pregnancy are a perfect companion for a mother’s pregnancy cravings during their journey towards the motherhood.

Best Laddus for 2nd Pregnancy Trimester and 3rd Pregnancy Trimester

To Be Mom’s Laddu – Dry Fruit (2nd & 3rd Trimester):

Our Dry Fruit Laddu is a powerhouse of nutrients, fighting constipation, boosting hemoglobin, and alleviating depression and anxiety. A delicious blend of dates, walnuts, almonds, and more, this laddu is a must-have for a healthy pregnancy.

To Be Mom’s Laddu – Multigrain (2nd & 3rd Trimester):

Rich in folic acid and vitamin B complexes, our Multigrain Laddu is a supreme quality protein source. It takes care of the foetus’s brain and spinal cord development, ensuring a healthy, well-developed baby.

To Be Mom’s Laddu – Chocolate Hazelnut (2nd & 3rd Trimester)

Enjoy the goodness of hazelnuts and the sweetness of chocolate in our special ladoo for pregnancy. Packed with important nutrients, this laddu is a tasty way to fulfil cravings and support proper growth and development.

To Be Mom’s Trail Mix (2nd & 3rd Trimester):

A delightful mix of nuts and seeds, our Trail Mix is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Energize your pregnancy with this nutritious and tasty treat.

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