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5 Super Delicious Snacks for Pregnancy Cravings

5 super delicious snacks to in pregnancy for pregnancy cravings.

A big hello to all the wonderful mommies to be! The incredible journey of pregnancy comes with its own unique set of adventures, and one such delightful aspect is the world of cravings. Pregnancy cravings are not something that we haven’t heard of before.

The wish or the desire to eat something that is completely unique or is a combination that may sound completely odd is common during pregnancy.

Why do Pregnancy Cravings Happen?

Well, no one exactly knows the reason for the urge of unique foods during pregnancy. The wish to get something that has a specific flavour, appearance or tanginess combination is unknown.

One good reason to understand this could be because of the hormones that are changing rapidly during pregnancy. The body of a soon to be a mom works continuously to cater to the needs of the little miracle inside the belly and to keep the energy levels up for themselves.

So, it is absolutely okay to have cravings while pregnant for some unimaginable snack combos.

When does pregnancy cravings start for Soon-to-be-Mom?

Well cravings are something that can start at any point of time during the pregnancy. It can start even in the very first week of pregnancy or at any time during the first trimester. Even so, it may arise during the second trimester too and may stay until the baby arrives.

pregnancy cravings

Cravings of a Pregnant Woman : A journey through Taste

Craving a burger at 3 AM? Absolutely normal! Each woman’s cravings are as unique as her pregnancy journey. Whether it’s sweets, pickles, chocolate, or something entirely unexpected, it’s all part of the adventure.

However, it is completely fine to have some unique combinations or occasional food once a while, but one should always remember the importance of healthy eating during such a wonderful phase of life. The healthy and clean nutrition during pregnancy is a crucial aspect that should be the top most priority for any woman who is soon going to be a mom.

To cater to pregnant women’s cravings, Equisential has some unique combinations of snacks. These snacks are none other than our all-time favorite ladoos. Our pregnancy ladoos are made of pure and clean natural ingredients that are nutritious, healthy, and delicious. The unique combinations of ingredients make To Be Moms Laddu by Equisential the most delicious snacks to eat during pregnancy.

5 Must-Have Snacks for Handling Pregnancy Cravings in Trimesters

Each trimester of pregnancy comes with different emotions, joys, feelings, and challenges. Your body works differently according to the trimester you are in. Extra energy, stamina, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. can be fulfilled only by having a rich nutritious and healthy diet.

The To Be Moms Laddu by Equisential is prepared by keeping in mind the nutrient requirements according to the pregnancy trimester.

So, when you have a question about what the best snack to eat during which trimester is, just visit our website.

The must have snacks for the cravings of a pregnant woman according to the trimester are as below :

1. First Trimester: The Early Whispers of Cravings

In the first trimester, a soon to be mom’s body is laying the foundation for a little miracle. It might surprise her with gentle cravings—perhaps a sudden need for citrusy fruits or a desire for comforting carbs.

Nevertheless, you should always choose on the snacks and food that are healthy, nutritious and made of natural ingredients to get good nutrition starting in your early pregnancy days. For such a requirement we have :

  1. To Be Moms Ragi Laddu – One of the best Vegan & Gluten snacks available for cravings while pregnant. These anytime snacks are super rich in iron, calcium, amino acids, and good carbohydrates benefitting in developing the bones of the little one and also strengthening your bones and joints.
  2. To Be Moms Coconut Laddu – When it comes to the best ingredient for nourishment, you’ll always find coconut in the list. It is an excellent source of good fats, dietary fiber, lauric acid. The combination of dates and coconut helps in improving haemoglobin levels also helps in building and improving the immune system of the little one and yours.

One important thing to note here is that both of the above mentioned laddus can be consumed during all trimesters to healthily satisfy cravings while pregnant.

2. Second Trimester & Third Trimester: The Rise of Craving Intensity

The second trimester is a stage where the little miracle inside you has grown a little more. Baby has finished most of their major development which raises the requirements of nutrition and food by it.

The third trimester is the stage where you can feel the kicks and movements of your little one. The brain, lungs, bones, red blood cells, etc continue to grow and weight is also gained by the baby.

In both the stages the soon to be moms require a little more for themselves and the baby inside increasing the intensity of pregnancy cravings.

Below are the best snacks for cravings of a pregnant women during both the trimesters:

  1. To Be Moms Dry Fruit Laddu – The unique combination of dry fruits with dates make the to be moms dry fruit laddu a must have snack for your cravings. Being rich in vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, copper, dietary fiber, antioxidants etc. these healthy snacks helps in generating red blood cells, improves immune system, maintain a happy gut health, etc.
  2. To Be Moms Multigrain Laddu – Now these are the snacks that can make your pregnancy cravings even healthier. The unique combination of 10 super millets and grains make these laddus the most sort for snack. Super rich in multi-vitamins and minerals these laddus benefit in developing the brain and spinal cord of the baby, improves endurance, strength, haemoglobin levels, stamina, immunity, etc not just for the baby but for you too.
  3. To Be Moms Chocolate Hazelnut Laddu – There is absolutely no chance that chocolate cannot be a part of cravings during pregnancy. However, the better choice would be the Chocolate Hazelnut Laddu for expecting moms. The rich taste and aroma of chocolate with hazelnut makes them a great healthy delicious option for those late-night pregnancy cravings. The nutrients of hazelnut, dates, cacao powder etc benefits in developing teeth and bones, improves blood circulation, tissues health etc.

The above 3 mentioned laddus are to be consumed during Second and Third Trimester of Pregnancy.

A Final Thought : Embracing the Beautiful Imperfections

happy woman after satisfying her pregnancy cravings with Equisential pregnancy laddu.
Satisfy your pregnancy cravings with Equisential Pregnancy Snacks

While indulging in your cravings is absolutely okay, but to please it with a nutrient boost is a must. Eating in moderation is a must to balance the cravings.

So, dear moms-to-be as you navigate the world of pregnancy cravings remember that cravings while pregnant are as unique as your fingerprints. Enjoy the flavours of 5 homemade and handmade Pregnancy Care Laddus by Equisential to nourish both yourself and your growing baby and to satisfy the cravings in pregnancy trimesters.

Wishing you a pregnancy filled with joy, happiness, flavours and lot of good health.


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