Coconut Ladoo

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Coconut Ladoo–In Dates | 🚫 Refined Sugar | 💯% Healthy & Nutritious | 💯% Natural Products🌱| 💯% Vegan | 💯% Gluten Free |
Benefits of Coconut Ladoo are:-
✅Improves Endurance
✅Rich in Antioxidants
✅High in Dietary Fibres
✅Healthy for Heart
Key Ingredients: – 👉Coconut 👉Dates 👉Cashew 👉Cardamom 👉Pinch of Pink Himalyan Salt
When you Buy Vegan & Gluten Free Laddu 💪🏼 Online from Equisential, you can be sure of getting Superior Quality Laddus with Great Taste 😋. Our Laddus are:-
💯% Healthy & Nutritious
✅Made with 💯% Natural Products🌱
✅Free of any Preservatives and Chemicals🚫
✅Free of Refined Sugar🧁🚫
💯% Vegan
💯% Gluten Free
💯% Handmade👐 & Homemade🏡
💯% Hygienically Made
💯% Delicious😋
🌟Let Health be Equally Essential for You with Equisential🌟
Laddus Shelf Life = 60 Days
Laddus Delivery Time = 4 – 7 Working Days

Coconut Ladoo – Delicious Healthy Nariyal Laddu | 100% Natural | Vegan | Gluten-Free | No Added Sugar |

Shree Ganesh without Coconut is next to impossible thing for every Indian. Giving Coconut as a gift is our old age tradition to celebrate almost all occasions & festivals. It symbolizes the Bundle of Joy & Happiness. So, bringing our newly launched product Coconut Laddu or Nariyal Ladoo as we say in Hindi. This newly launched product has become our hot seller now in just a few weeks!

Coconut Ladoo Key Ingredients  

When you buy Coconut Ladoo online from us, you’ll find the following ingredients in it:-

    • Dates
    • Coconut
    • Cashew
    • Cardamom
    • Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt.

Coconut Ladoo and its Amazing Health Benefits

Coconut Ladoo or as we say Nariyal Ladoo carries a lot of amazing health benefits along with him. The inclusion of a variety of ingredients in one single pack make this a power-packed snack that contains the following major health benefits


Vegan, Gluten-Free & Oil-free.


Coconut contains minerals and nutrients such as potassium, sodium, manganese, vitamin B and iron.  Naturally sweetened with Dates, no added sugar, low in fat, making them easily digestible and great for a long run or pre-workout snack!

Buy Coconut Ladoo online from Equisential and be sure of getting healthy and nutritious ladoo.

Benefits in Heart Health:

Coconut Flesh and oil have high levels of good (HDL) cholesterol which is beneficial for the human heart. Our Nariyal Ladoo is also high in fiber content and low in carbs so it also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in our body.

Coconut has Antioxidant Properties:

The Coconut used in our Nariyal Ladoo is Rich in Antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight against factors that cause cell damage. The antioxidant present in Coconut Ladoo also reduces the risk of many diseases such as cancer.


Travel well so they’re perfect for hiking, camping, packing up for lunch or any other healthy snacking on-the-go needs.

Add coconut ladoo to your daily routine by buying Equisential’s Coconut Ladoo Online and enjoy all its benefits.

When you Buy Coconut Ladoo Online from Equisential you’ll be sure of getting: –

  • 100% Healthy & Nutritious Product.
  • 100% Quality Product.
  • 100% Natural Ingredient Product.
  • 100% Homemade & Handmade Product.



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