Ragi Laddu


Ragi Laddu–In Dates | 🚫 Refined Sugar | 💯% Healthy & Nutritious | 💯% Natural Products🌱| 💯% Vegan | 💯% Gluten Free |
Benefits of Ragi Laddu are:-
✅Extremely Rich in Calcium & Iron
✅ Fights Anaemia & Boost Haemoglobin
✅Packed with Amino Acids
✅High in Dietary Fibres
✅Immunity Booster
Key Ingredients: – 👉Ragi Flour 👉Dates 👉Coconut 👉Cashew Butter 👉Cardamom
When you Buy Vegan & Gluten Free Laddu 💪🏼 Online from Equisential, you can be sure of getting Superior Quality Laddus with Great Taste 😋. Our Laddus are:-
💯% Healthy & Nutritious
✅Made with 💯% Natural Products🌱
✅Free of any Preservatives and Chemicals🚫
✅Free of Refined Sugar🧁🚫
💯% Vegan
💯% Gluten Free
💯% Handmade👐 & Homemade🏡
💯% Hygienically Made
💯% Delicious😋
🌟Let Health be Equally Essential for You with Equisential🌟
Laddus Shelf Life = 60 Days
Laddus Delivery Time = 4 – 7 Working Days

Ragi Laddu – Delicious Healthy Ladoo | Vegan | Gluten-Free | No Added Sugar | 100% Natural |

If you are someone who likes to snack and keeps on looking for healthy alternatives, buy Ragi Laddu online in India only from Equisential. This bag of all-things-good would become your go-to snack pack. Loaded with antioxidants and other essential Vitamins. This Ragi Laddu is a must-have!

Key Ingredients of Ragi Laddu :-

  • Ragi Flour
  • Cashew Butter
  • Coconut
  • Dates
  • Cardamom

Amazing Health Benefits of Ragi Laddu –

An Assorted Combination of Ragi Flour, Dates, Coconut, Cashew Butter & Cardamom.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Oil-free:

Ragi Laddu are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-free & High in Protein & insoluble fibre helps easy digestion & hence relieves constipation. Being High in Fibre, Ragi Laddu benefits to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) & increases the effects of good Cholesterol (HDL).

Builds Strong Bones & Teeth:

Ragi Flour has 481mg of Calcium which is 49% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) which helps to builds strong bones & teeth. Ragi Flour is the richest source of Phosphorus.

Good for Diabetics:

Ragi Flour creates a much lower surge in sugar level compared to wheat.


Naturally sweetened with Dates, no added sugar, low in fat which makes Ragi Laddu easily digestible and great for a long run or pre-workout snack!.


Travel well so they’re perfect for hiking, camping, packing up for lunch or any other healthy snacking on-the-go needs.



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  • Why Ragi should be included in your daily diet?

    Ragi, also known as Finger Millet is Rich in Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Amino Acids making it a nutrient dense millet.
  • What are the benefits of Ragi Laddu?

    Ragi (Finger Millet) is one of the richest sources of plant based calcium promoting better bone health, fights Anaemia and boost Haemoglobin, provides carbohydrates for energy, aids in boosting immunity, promotes relaxation and sound sleep, aids in maintaining cholesterol levels, reduces constipation etc.
  • Are Ragi Laddus Vegan and Gluten Free?

    Yes, Ragi Laddus by Equisential are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free.

Our Sentiment


Using all clean & natural ingredients without any preservatives & additives.

Empowering Women

Powered by 75% Female Workforce who ensures our daily operations.


Bringing our beloved Dadi’s & Nani’s toothsome recipes back to our lives.


To provide clean healthy nutritious balanced diet for every generation.


Handmade & Homemade

Our process is simple. Our Laddus are completely Homemade & Handmade with proper hygiene.

Healthy & Nutritious

Our Laddus contain all natural ingredients making them a healthy alternative .

Preservatives Free

Our Laddus does not contain any form of preservatives, additives or artificial colours.

Refined Sugar Free

All Laddus by Equisential are Refined Sugar Free. We prepare our Laddus either in Dates or Jaggery.