Ragi Laddu

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Ragi Laddu–In Dates | 🚫 Refined Sugar | 💯% Healthy & Nutritious | 💯% Natural Products🌱| 💯% Vegan | 💯% Gluten Free |
Benefits of Ragi Laddu are:-
✅Extremely Rich in Calcium & Iron
✅ Fights Anaemia & Boost Haemoglobin
✅Packed with Amino Acids
✅High in Dietary Fibres
✅Immunity Booster
Key Ingredients: – 👉Ragi Flour 👉Dates 👉Coconut 👉Cashew Butter 👉Cardamom
When you Buy Vegan & Gluten Free Laddu 💪🏼 Online from Equisential, you can be sure of getting Superior Quality Laddus with Great Taste 😋. Our Laddus are:-
💯% Healthy & Nutritious
✅Made with 💯% Natural Products🌱
✅Free of any Preservatives and Chemicals🚫
✅Free of Refined Sugar🧁🚫
💯% Vegan
💯% Gluten Free
💯% Handmade👐 & Homemade🏡
💯% Hygienically Made
💯% Delicious😋
🌟Let Health be Equally Essential for You with Equisential🌟
Laddus Shelf Life = 60 Days
Laddus Delivery Time = 4 – 7 Working Days

Ragi Laddu – Delicious Healthy Ladoo | Vegan | Gluten-Free | No Added Sugar | 100% Natural |

If you are someone who likes to snack and keeps on looking for healthy alternatives, buy Ragi Laddu online in India only from Equisential. This bag of all-things-good would become your go-to snack pack. Loaded with antioxidants and other essential Vitamins. This Ragi Laddu is a must-have!

Key Ingredients of Ragi Laddu :-

  • Ragi Flour
  • Cashew Butter
  • Coconut
  • Dates
  • Cardamom

Amazing Health Benefits of Ragi Laddu –

An Assorted Combination of Ragi Flour, Dates, Coconut, Cashew Butter & Cardamom.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Oil-free:

Ragi Laddu are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Oil-free & High in Protein & insoluble fibre helps easy digestion & hence relieves constipation. Being High in Fibre, Ragi Laddu benefits to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) & increases the effects of good Cholesterol (HDL).

Builds Strong Bones & Teeth:

Ragi Flour has 481mg of Calcium which is 49% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) which helps to builds strong bones & teeth. Ragi Flour is the richest source of Phosphorus.

Good for Diabetics:

Ragi Flour creates a much lower surge in sugar level compared to wheat.


Naturally sweetened with Dates, no added sugar, low in fat which makes Ragi Laddu easily digestible and great for a long run or pre-workout snack!.


Travel well so they’re perfect for hiking, camping, packing up for lunch or any other healthy snacking on-the-go needs.



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