Vegan & Gluten Free Laddus❓ Absolutely 😃

Why 😳❓ Because…. It’s Nutritious 🤩 & Healthy 💪🏼!!!

Welcome to the Vegan Gluten Free Laddu Zone. Here you’ll find only Gluten Free Products & Vegan Products which are prepared in Dates and also referred as Dates Ladoo. Our Vegan and Gluten Free Dates Laddu have all the essential nutrients, important minerals and exquisite taste 😋 to offer you the Best of Health.

Equisential’s Gluten Free Products and Vegan Products are not only tasty choice of snacks but are also full of essential nutrients. These are available as Dates Ladoo.

Buy range of Vegan Gluten Free Dates Ladoo Online from Equisential and add Goodness 😇 of Health 💪🏼 Quality and Taste 😋 to all your events. You can also buy dates laddu online in India for different occasions, parties, functions, etc.

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Welcome to our Vegan Gluten Free Laddu Collection! The absolute Gluten Free Indian Food delicacy.

Try our Vegan Gluten Free Laddus at Equisential – healthy, nutritious, delightful, tasty and good treat for you! Made with natural ingredients, these treats are vegan, gluten free, and contains no added sugar, no preservatives, no chemicals or any additives or artificial colour.

Choose from flavours like Chocolate Hazelnut, Coconut Cinnamon, and Flax Seeds. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, these laddus are a healthy delight.

Elevate your snacking game with our special Vegan and Free of Gluten Laddus – a treat that's both yummy and wholesome!

Why Choose Vegan Gluten Free Laddu from Equisential?

Our special vegan and free of gluten laddus are more than just sweets; they are a celebration of health and flavour. They are a healthy, nutritious, rich of protein, gluten free Indian food delicacy. 

Made with the finest ingredients and a commitment to your well-being, each laddu is a guilt-free indulgence. We've carefully curated a range that caters to your taste buds while ensuring that dietary preferences are not compromised.

Key Features:

100% Natural Goodness:

- Our are crafted using only natural and wholesome ingredients. We believe in the power of nature to provide delicious treats without the need for artificial additives.

Free of Gluten and Vegan Delight:

- Embrace the goodness of vegan and free of gluten snacking today. Perfect for those with dietary preferences or restrictions, our laddus are free from animal products and gluten, ensuring a treat for all.

Benefits of Gluten Free Vegan Traditional Indian Snack:

 - This ladoo gluten free and vegan is traditional Indian delicacy which comes with lot of benefits. Some of them are they balances the blood sugar levels, makes bone stronger, lowers the unhealthy cholesterol, high in dietary fiber, boosts the immunity making a strong immune system and much more.

No Added Sugar:

- Equisential’s Vegan Gluten Free Laddus are sweetened with the natural goodness of dates. Our laddus carry the perfect level of sweetness without any refined sugar. Enjoy the rich flavours without compromising your health goals. 

Assorted Flavors for Every Palate:

- From the irresistible Chocolate Hazelnut to the aromatic Coconut Cinnamon and the nutrition-packed Flax Seeds, our collection of ladoo gluten free and vegan ladoo offers a diverse range to cater to every taste preference.

How to Order:

Indulge in the goodness of our Vegan Gluten Free Laddu collection by ordering online from Equisential. We deliver the perfect blend of health and taste right to your doorstep.