Breastfeeding : Introduction of Breastfeeding for New Moms for a Strong Start


Breastfeeding isn’t just about providing nourishment, it’s a timeless tradition that transcends generations, cultures and continents. It is a sacred tradition that has been running down for centuries. It holds an immense bond between a mother and a child. It is a bond that waves together the threads of love, heritage and resilience.

In this blog post we will explore why breastfeeding is crucial for the health and well-being of a mother and the baby.

Understanding Breastfeeding: A comprehensive Introduction of Breastfeeding

A comprehensive introduction to breastfeeding for new moms.

When we say introduction to breastfeeding, there is ample information available which can be overwhelming for a lot of new mothers. So, let’s try to understand the concept of breastfeeding in simpler terms.

After the journey of pregnancy and childbirth, another beautiful journey begins with your newborn postpartum. And an important part of this journey is breastfeeding your infant. It is also a recommended choice to feed your infant. It is believed that a newborn must be breastfed for a year, so this enhances the immunity of the newborn as well as reduces the risk of critical illness.

In other words, breastfeeding is a natural way to provide nourishment to your baby for their growth and development. It is also called nursing. The meaning of breast feeding has changed overtime. It is now not only limited to a behaviour where a mother latches her baby on her breast and feeds her directly. This also includes feeding an infant with mother’s milk from a cup or a bottle.

Basically, when a baby is fed with mother’s milk, irrespective of the medium or technique, it comes under breast feeding.

Now, you must be wondering when to initiate it? So, it typically can be initiated within hours of childbirth. The first drop of breast milk, also called colostrum, is a protein-rich liquid packed with antibodies which is crucial for bolstering the immune system of the baby. In India, nursing isn’t just a biological function, it is a way of strengthening the bond between a mother and her baby. It’s a holistic approach that recognizes the emotional and physical needs of the child and mothers continue to nurse their child for longer durations, fostering resilience and love for the baby.

Importance of Breastfeeding in India

Breastfeeding holds practical significance in India and Indian families. In such a vast country, access to healthcare facilities can be challenging in many areas and, in such cases, nursing emerges as a vital tool in the fight against infant mortality and can have a lower susceptibility to sudden infant death syndrome.

Importance of Breastfeeding for Mothers

When we talk about breastfeeding, what usually comes to our mind? The nourishment of the baby through mother’s milk, right? But nursing is not only limited to the nourishment of the infant, it isn’t just about the baby’s growth and development, it is a lifeline for mothers too.

For new mothers, the importance of breastfeeding is equally profound. Some of the benefits of breastfeeding at postpartum are :

  1. The first of the benefits of breast feeding is that when a mom cradles her child her body releases the love hormone – oxytocin. This leads to a happy postpartum recovery.
  2. It may help in lowering postpartum depression post-childbirth, provided you have a healthy environment around you, and you are well-supported by your partner and family.
  3. It also decreases the risk of osteoporosis where bones become weak and brittle.
  4. Breast feeding may also shrink the chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  5. It may also lead to lesser risk of diabetes (type 2), high blood pressure, arthritis, cardiovascular disease etc.
  6. It also helps in cutting down the stored fat as breastfeeding leads to a higher rate of calorie burning. However, not everyone may necessarily lose fat while nursing.
  7. The process of breastfeeding also helps in building a strong bond of trust, as well as increases emotional and physical bonding between a mother and her baby.

For mothers, it is not just about giving but also about receiving a gift of health, vitality, and maternity strength.

Importance of Breastfeeding for Newborns

Breast milk for a newborn isn’t just a food, these are the drops of unmatched nutrition. It is a beacon of shield against disease and deprivation. From the golden drops of colostrum (first milk post childbirth) to many benefits of mature milk, breast milk offers a symphony of nutrients that cannot be matched by any artificial formula.

Some of the key benefits of breast milk for a newborn are:

  1. Breast milk is an excellent source of blended proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats etc. which are a crucial source of their growth and development.
  2. Breast milk for newborns is an immune-boosting food. It contains antibodies that protect them against diseases and infections enhancing their immune system.
  3. For optimal development of the brain and cognitive function of a newborn, breast milk is an essential source, as it is rich in fatty acids like DHA.
  4. The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and infant mortality is also reduced when a mother breastfeeds her child.
  5. Breastfeeding also promotes the healthy gut of a newborn by aiding digestion, nutrient absorption and developing healthy bacteria inside the gut.
  6. It may also help in regulating the issue of obesity and overweight due to the available leptin hormone in the breast milk.
  7. It also reduces the risk of diseases like childhood leukemia, diabetes, any allergies in the future, respiratory infections, tissue damage etc.

Also, beyond nutrition, breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience, creating special moments of skin-to-skin cuddles and releasing feel good hormones that strengthen the bond of the baby with the mother.

Breastfeeding is important for the well-being of both mother and the child.

Common Concerns a Mother have while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey and an exciting one too, but there can be uncertainties of questions and queries along the journey and it is perfectly normal. Some of the common concerns that a breastfeeding mother has are like whether you are nourishing your baby enough? What if breastfeeding hurts? How to increase the breast milk? How long should you to continue to breastfeed? And then some others too. Keep an eye out on our future blog entries, as we’ll be addressing these common concerns about breastfeeding and other valuable information.

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In the End

As you embark on the remarkable journey of motherhood, embracing breastfeeding can be transformative experience for both you and your baby. Through the nurturing bond forged during breastfeeding, you not only provide your newborn with essential nutrients and antibodies but also lay the foundation for lifetime of health and well-being. Discover the profound joy, love and bonding, breastfeeding brings to your journey as a new mother.

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