Asthiposhak (अस्थिपोषक) Panjiri – Bura (Refined Sugar)

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Asthiposhak (अस्थिपोषक) Panjiri – Bura (Refined Sugar) | 💯% Healthy & Nutritious |
Benefits of Asthiposhak Panjiri–Bura (Refined Sugar) are:-
✅Helps Control Heavy Blood Flow during Mensuration
✅Superfood for Breastfeeding Moms
✅Makes Bones Stronger
✅Immunity Booster
Key Ingredients: – 👉Coconut 👉Dry Dates 👉Edible Gum (Gond) 👉Cow Bilona Ghee 👉Almonds 👉Cashew👉Walnuts 👉Raisins 👉Poppy Seeds 👉Cardamom Powder 👉Nutmeg Powder 👉Bura (Refined Sugar)
When you Buy Healthy Panjiri 💪🏼 Online from Equisential, you can be sure of getting Superior Quality Panjiri with Great Taste 😋. Our Panjiri is:-
💯% Healthy & Nutritious
✅Free of any Preservatives and Chemicals🚫
💯% Handmade👐 & Homemade🏡
💯% Hygienically Made
💯% Delicious😋
🌟Let Health be Equally Essential for You with Equisential🌟
Panjiri Shelf Life = 60 Days
Panjiri Delivery Time = 4 – 7 Working Days
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Asthiposhak Panjiri for Post Pregnancy & Joint Pain

Asthiposhak Panjiri is used to boost stamina and treat weak bones. Asthiposhak Panjiri online is a great way to make your bones stronger and increase flexibility. 

Key Ingredients

Coconut, Dry Dates, Edible Gum (Gond), Cow Bilona Ghee, Almonds, Cashew, Raisins, Poppy Seeds, Cardamom Powder, Nutmeg Powder, Cinnamon Powder & Bura (Refined Sugar).

Key Benefits of Asthiposhak Panjiri for Post Pregnancy & Joint Pain

Strengthening the bones

Asthiposhak Panjiri treats your joint pain in the right way. It makes your bones stronger, and helps to increase flexibility. Those who are diagnosed with Osteoporosis may benefit from eating this Panjiri.

Immunity Booster

Asthiposhak Panjiri is a great way to boost your immunity so that you stay away from common allergies and flu. It strengthens your body from within. 

Pre & Post Pregnancy Benefit

Buy Asthiposhak Panjiri online from Equisential for the good development of the foetus as this is the rich source of protein. You can check Asthiposhak Panjiri price online at equisential and order with ease. This Asthiposhak Panjiri in Refined Sugar is extremely beneficial for women who have given birth or are in post pregnancy phase. They should eat 80-100 gms of Panjiri everyday with a glass of milk. 

Buy Asthiposhak Panjiri online and regain your lost energy after delivery. It is a superfood for breastfeeding moms as it contains all the essential nutrients and Protein needed for milk production.

Women who face heavy menstrual flow

Women who face heavy flow during menstruation can take these as it helps to control and regulate the flow.

Post menopause

Asthiposhak Panjiri online in India can be purchased from Equisential and should be compulsorily incorporated in diet after menopause. They help to keep the bones healthy and are an excellent substitute of Calcium tablets



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Why Choose Us

Why choose Equisential for Asthiposhak Panjiri

Quality Assurance

Equisential promises high quality and impeccable taste. Asthiposhak Panjiri Laddu online from Equisential is not only rich in nutrients but delivers excellent quality with taste. You can check the Asthiposhak laddu price from Equisential. Buy Asthiposhak Panjiri laddu online in India from Equisential to find superior quality and taste. 

Certified Purity

All the products by Equisential carry strict quality measures. The laddus are handcrafted, and all precautionary measures are taken to ensure hygienic manufacturing and packaging. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Laddus by Equisential are 100% vegan, handcrafted, preservative-free, and carry a premium quality. The Asthiposhak Panjiri laddu price is easy and convenient, and anyone can purchase them online. 

Custom Made

You can pick your assortment or customize laddus as per your choice. All our laddus are meticulously crafted with love and care to deliver only the best. Buy Asthiposhak Panjiri laddu online in India from Equisential and pamper your taste buds. 


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